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Premier League: Uncertainity Builds After Premier League Set To 'Restart'

Liverpool players celebrating their win in a previous match
Liverpool players celebrating their win in a previous match

According to reports, it all seems like the league is set to resume mid-May with group training to resume early June with matches being played without fans. A meeting held by premier league stakeholders on Friday 3rd April, clubs really focused their attention on how to respond to the COVID-19 global pandemic. It was affirmed that they have to give their help on health, and well-being of the nation, the community which includes players, coaches, managers, club staffs and supporters amid league resumption.

The league restart is still under constant review with all stakeholders as they still work closely with the whole football professional team as well as government stakeholders, however, the league resumption will only rely on the full support of the government and fully abiding by the rules set by it.Premier League clubs will be presented with proposals to test players and officials at least twice a week if the government approves plans for them to return to full training.

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Discussions also took place in order to offer financial support to teams in the lower league tiers to offer the teams a temporal relief without a formal permanent solution being put in place. The clubs in attendance massively voted for 125 million ponds to be directed to clubs playing in EFL and National League as they are aware of the severe difficulties the clubs are currently going through during this difficult period.

Furios Neymar during a match in French Ligue
Furios Neymar during a match in French Ligue

The premier league has urged clubs to continue with their social community act of helping the needy in the society as well as those affected during this period. Itself has promised to continue with its original programs.

However, Garry Neville, former Man United Defender went out angry on the premier league restart. He claims that money is clouding in the mind of the Premier Leagues chiefs as they push on with the restart project while thousands die. Regards (daily mail), he actually thinks its not worth restarting the league as it still possesses a threat to many people with thousands of people still being reported dying all over Europe as a result of Covid -19.

Neville actually claims that the premier leagues chiefs are not really interested in the football and the sports lovers but really think of generating money out of the league. He has warned that restarting the league will result in the maximum transmission of the disease and also deaths in football and believes that the game could even become unpalatable. But this comes at a time when Old Trafford officials think of introducing interface barriers which could maybe be a move to protect the premier leagues move.

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Elsewhere, it still remains a dilemma on how teams will conclude their league tiers with certain teams such as Belgium and Holland having to make difficult decisions. Belgium had already awarded the league win to Club Brugge while Holland is in the dark with their government ruling out that there shall be no public gatherings till September. This comes at a time when the French federation had decided to rule out the League 1 and two competitions till September this year.

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