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When it comes to CS:GO games, most people focus on arbitrary factors such as the quality of graphics, the engine, or the objectives you have to complete. An often-underrated factor is a playability; the notion of anyone being able to become adept at the game.

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Most of the CS:GO top events have prize pools of close to millions of pounds/dollars, with these top-end tournaments attracting huge crowds that sell out arenas. All our CS:GO tips are fully researched and best of all, completely free!

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Which Tournaments Are the Most Important for CS:GO?

When CS:GO was finally released in 2012, Valve (the game’s developer and publisher) announced plans for the CS:GO Major Championships or Majors, as they’re now known. Even though this circuit attracts by far the biggest amount of attention, you can find CS:GO tips for many other matches, exhibitions, and more.

While the competition hierarchy can be a bit confusing at times, here are all the tiers you should bet on, including the best tournaments from each tier:

S-Tier: ESL ONE, CS:GO Major Championship, DreamHack Masters, BLAST Premier, ESL Pro League. These competitions feature the best of the best, are played exclusively online, and often have prize pools upwards of $1,000,000. Valve themselves sponsor most of them.

A-Tier: DreamHack Open, Moche XL eSports, Continental Minors, Games Clash Arena, Champions CUP, cs_summit. While less lucrative than the S-Tier, these events feature all the excitement you’ll find in the big leagues. Only some are organized with the help of Valve, but most of them lead to a spot in the Majors or other S-Tier tournaments.

B-Tier: ESEA, Rainmaker Open, Telia eSports Series, ESL Masters Spain, Elisa Invitational, Gamers Club Masters. Here’s where you will find more volatile odds, as not all the players and teams are well-known. We think that B-tier events are the best occasion to use CS:GO tips.

C-Tier: 99Liga, Baltic Masters, LEGENDS.BET L33T CUP, OMG.BET Series, Lantrek. Tourneys in this tier are played exclusively online and mainly feature national leagues and qualifiers

Show matches/exhibitions. In CS:GO, it’s fairly common to see the best players being good friends and organizing exhibition matches that are streamed via Twitch or YouTube. Since the competitors and teams are well-known, it’s a great extra opportunity to enhance your slips.