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Strategy for Betting Using Our Free Football Predictions and Tips

Winning money from betting on football is not easy. It can be done, but it takes a great deal of skill. It also requires a significant time commitment, and a fundamental understanding of the strategy that’s involved. A lot of people who bet on football, or are interested in doing so, don’t realize this. This is one of the reasons why so many people who bet on football lose money. They think that their knowledge of the game and the teams that compete is enough to take on the bookmakers. It really isn’t. Being an expert on football certainly helps, but it’s relatively useless without knowing how to use that expertise effectively.

Of course, there are plenty of people who bet on football primarily for a bit of fun. They like to win, of course, but that’s not their sole motivation. They just enjoy the added excitement of watching a game with some money riding on it. That’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with being a recreational bettor and not everyone wants to put in the effort that’s required to make money from betting on football.

If you are someone who wants to take their betting more seriously, and your goal is to make consistent profits, then you’re going to HAVE to put in the effort. You’re also going to need to learn about football betting strategy, and that’s where this section of our football guide can help. This page starts with some basic strategy advice that you should start following immediately, and goes on to discuss using different types of wagers. It also covers the subject of handicapping, and there are several advanced articles covering specific strategies.

Winabettips betting strategies will increase the success rate of your bets! This means we get to give you the best winning percentage and regular high payouts both in short-term and long-term as well as unrivalled profitability. Today’s football betting predictions, tomorrow’s football betting predictions and weekend football betting predictions are all added as they become available from the best tipsters.

Here is an overview of the most popular betting strategies. Let the articles inform your choices and form the bedrock of your betting strategies.

1. Double Chance Strategy

The Double Chance bet is an online betting strategy that is particularly interesting for risk-averse bettors. In this case, you’re betting on the probability that one of two events will happen. As a result of betting on two outcomes of a game, your odds to win the bet is enhanced by 80%. As an example we take a look at a football game. In football you can bet on the required three outcomes of a game. A team can win (1), lose (2) or draw (X) against its opponent. So, if you have the feeling that the underdog (Away-Team) is able to draw with the favourite or even beat him, you could place your bet on a Draw (X) or an Away-Team-Win (2).

Let’s say Barcelona is up against Granada in a Spain La Liga match. At the book-makers, the “The Catalans” are a runaway favourite, but you think that Granada could get at least one point out of the game? In this case you could place an X2-bet to increase your chances of winning. On our home page, you’ll find a lot of Premier League, La Liga, Champions League and many more similar betting tips, in case you need help with your betting.

2. Halftime/fulltime Bets Strategy

With this betting strategy, the risk is a little greater. In this scenario, you bet on both the half-time and full-time scores/result of a game. In our overview, we provide ideas on what this kind of bet looks like when it is won, and give you information about your chances of winning. Additionally, we show you the most suitable sports for this strategy. A half-time/full-time bet is only successful if you predicted the half-time standing AND the full-time result correctly. The only precondition of this bet is that the event has to be interrupted by a break.

As a typical example, let us chose three bets from the English Premier League and decide on three different half-time/full-time bets. Liverpool vs Crystal Palace (HT/FT-2/1), Manchester United vs Watford (HT/FT-1/1) and Arsenal vs Chelsea (HT/FT-1/X). The first bet is 2/1, where we bet on an Away-Team lead at half-time and a Home-Team win after 90 minutes. The second bet is as easy as it appears. We bet on a half-time Home-Team-Lead, and a Home-Team-Win at full-time – a classic 1/1-bet. In the third bet we guessed that the Home-Team would lead after 45 minutes, but in the end the two teams would draw. Visit our Halftime/fulltime betting tips section where we give you a good insight into the most important games of the highest league in Germany Bundesliga, EPL, La Liga, Serie A alongside important information so you can place your bets in the best manner possible.

3. The Multibet/Accumulator Strategy

The objective of Multi-bets is to gain high combined odds by adding multiple single bets (called “legs”) to one bet. You should keep in mind that with this betting strategy, your risk of losing the bet increases with each added leg. Multi-bets or Multiples are most interesting with football bets but you can make a good profit out of other sports as well.

In an accumulator bet, also called Multibet, you combine a number of different bets (often called “legs”) of whole games or single events and consolidate them into one bet. The biggest advantage of multiple bets is that the different odds of the various legs are multiplied, and thus the combined odds are drastically high and you can yield a good profit. That is why this betting form is so popular with beginners.

Let’s take a look at this scenario: As your first leg you take the game Bayer Leverkusen – Werder Bremen from German Bundesliga Odds. You bet on Leverkusen as a (kind of) sure bet at odds of 1.29. Your second leg is Eintracht Frankfurt – FC Augsburg at odds of 2.15 on a Home-Team-Win. When you multiply those two odds you get your overall odds of 2.78. This is way higher odds than if you just bet on one leg. If you want to further enhance your overall odds, you can add another leg to your Multibet. This is called a treble..

4. Surebets Strategy

Surebets or arbitration are bets that will bring winnings through combinations of specific single bets placed on different bookmakers. To successfully make money with sure bets you have to find the most lucrative quotas from different bookmakers and calculate if these bets are indeed sure bets.

The goal is that the revenue of every single outcome of your bets exceeds the over-all amount invested. The yield of sure bets is often very low but with a little bit of luck and patience you can surely enhance your betting account. For placing sure bets it is essential to have accounts on various betting sites and act quickly. Also the placed stake should be a little higher than usual to profit more from the (sometimes very) small odds variations.

An example, Manchester City with 1.30 odds plays aganist West ham who have 14.00 odds in a bookmaker system. The surebet for the match will be Manchester City with total odds of 1.30. Nevertheless, If you find the right bookies who give you the quotas variation you need for a sure bet you can bet on any sport you want.

5. Asian/European Handicap Strategy

Handicap Bets are more applicable when you expect a favourite to win…and to win handsomely. You simply give the supposedly weaker team an advantage (handicap) and expect the favourite team to overcome the advantage. This way, you can get higher odds for teams who are expected to win 9.9 out of 10 games.

Lets take a deeper look at a handicap bet, using a practical example. Lets say Ajax FC meets Fortuna Sittard in the Netherlands Eerste Divisie. A win with a normal 3-way-bet of Ajax FC gives us odds of 1.5 for a victory, 4.0 for a draw and 6.0 for a loss. Since we are totally convinced that Ajax FC will win the game, instead of a usual 3-way-bet, we want a handicap bet with a one-goal lead for Fortuna Sittard. The betting odds change to 2.5 for a win, 4.0 the draw and 4.0 for a loss. In our example the official result is 3:0 for the Netherlands record champion, after subtracting the handicap a 2:0 for Ajax FC will remain. In this case our bet was a success.

By eliminating the draw outcome, Asian Handicap betting reduces the possible outcomes from three (in traditional 1X2 wagering) to two. Usually the handicap is calculated to give each team a 50-50 chance of winning. Since the Asian Handicap also helps bookmakers to minimise risk, it is possible for them to make bigger bets. Not to mention that the odds are usually better than they are on the traditional 1X2 market.

6. Over/under Strategy

This nice and simple betting strategy is easily explained. You have to figure out if the score/points during a game was higher or lower than the expected score. Although it initially only included betting on the number of goals scored during a football match, you are now able to bet on almost everything that is countable. That is why this strategy is not only available for football bets but also other sports like basketball, tennis or every other game.

As an example we take odds from the spanish Primera Division: if you take a look at the last games of FC Barcelona or Real Madrid you can see that both teams usually score many goals. At almost every game of the last 10 games of the two teams were at least 3 goals. So that is kind of a sure bet. Also, you can examine their opponents. If they are prone to receiving many goals or for being roughnecks and receiving a lot of cards.

7. Both Teams To Score/BTS Strategy

This bet means both teams to score, while in some bookies sites it is known as Goal Goal. What these simply means that it is highly likely that both teams will score at least one goal against each other. This option should be chosen when the teams playing have a porous defense. Let’s say for example an Arsenal team is playing against Everton. Both teams are a high scoring team and have a very shaky defense.

How To Develop Your Betting Strategy

As we inferred above, it would make a whole lot of sense to tweak the many betting strategies available today. But how do you get started?

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