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Selecting an Effective Range of Odds

This week's betting tip or guide is about how to select the most effective range of odds. In order to obtain a 10% yield you need a 61% hit rate combined with average odds at 1.80, if the average odds is 1.90 you need a 58% hit rate and when the average odds is 2.00 you need a 55% hit rate. At 2.20 you want a hit rate of 50% to obtain a 10% yield. Profitable bettors usually have a hit rate between 50 and 65%, which means that odds between 1.70 and 2.20 will be the most effective.

Lower odds, such as 1.60 and under, need a very high hit rate to provide a decent yield. Also, when you start to lose bets it will take longer to build up the bank again. Odds below 1.60 are simply not good enough to compensate losing bets. Odds above 2.20 are too risky, especially on football/soccer. Of course this varies depending on the sport. In tennis you can have a 45% hit rate and also higher average odds, even up to around 2.40, as in this case you are betting on duels with a 2-way outcome. By clicking on the following link you can get a better idea of how hit rate and average odds affects yield: Hit Rate

What should be noted however is that there are many bets to be explored which will be profitable in this betting business, depending on several factors which range from experience, amount of capital and the fear factor, there are various betting option to explore, they are but not limited to:

Top 10 Tips From Our Professional Tipsters

In order be serious about betting and about your money, you must have the discipline to bet at the right moment and to stay away from betting the rest of the time. Follow the simple guidelines to help you place bets.

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