Frequently Asked Questions

Below, find frequently asked questions along with some important information about Winabettips. If you have any unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at +254 792-718-583-(Customer Care Services).

  • 1. Best free high odds soccer predictions.
  • This is the most popular of our sports tips; here you will find details of the sport, the match, predicted results and best odds at the time of posting. Remember once a lot of users start stacking on a match the odds keep getting shorter, the earlier the better. The statistics on performance of our free tips are available in statistics page.

  • 2. The most profitable selection selected by the best tipsters
  • This are picks suitable either for use in an accumulator or are singles, they are best used as singles as they are more profitable. To ensure maximum reach we send them via email and SMS (to eligible countries) as not all users can visit our site on time. Simply wait for the SMS or email, stake and boom you get your profit.

  • 3. Build-Bets (Accumulator bet)
  • This is a unique offering available with some bookmakers and has been gaining popularity especially in Kenya popularly known as jenga bet. Here our tipsters pick the best selection for between 1-4 matches available in jenga bets. Remember one match in this case might have many different selections so a number of our selections might be from a single match. View them here.

  • 4. Jackpot football games predictions
  • These are predictions for jackpots and mega-jackpots games available with different bookmakers; they are added as the bookmakers release new jackpots.

  • 5. Statistics
  • Here you will find everything from our daily, monthly, yearly performance and profitability to team statistics, best leagues and leagues to avoid. Sharing our data is vital for Sure Tips Today users.

This is picking an outright winner or the match ending in a draw, it’s the favourite for most gamers. Where by:

  • 1- home team will win
  • 2- away team will win
  • X-the match will end in a draw

Predicts the number of goals in a match or during certain period of time e.g. half-time

  • Under 0.5 - No goal will be scored (Same as giving 0:0 correct prediction for full match)
  • Under 1.5 - Only one or no goal will be scored, possible scores are 0:0, 0:1, 1:0
  • Under 2.5 - Maximum of two goals will be scored
  • Under 3.5 - Maximum of three goals will be scored
  • Under 4.5 - Maximum of four goals will be scored
  • Over 0.5 - At least one goal will be scored
  • Over 1.5 - At least two goals will be scored
  • Over 2.5 - At least three goals will be scored
  • Over 3.5 - At least four goals will be scored
  • Over 4.5 - At least five goals will be scored

Improve your soccer predictions by analyzing team statistics, such as recent form, goal-scoring records, and head-to-head matchups. Keep an eye on key player injuries, weather conditions, and home-field advantage, as these factors can significantly impact the outcome.

Player statistics, including goal-scoring records, assists, and defensive capabilities, offer valuable insights into a team's overall performance. Pay attention to individual player form and how well they match up against their opponents, as this can influence the outcome of a soccer match.

Recent form is crucial in predicting soccer outcomes. Teams on a winning streak are likely to maintain momentum, while those on a losing streak may struggle. Consider the context of the matches, such as the quality of opponents faced, to get a more accurate assessment of a team's current form.

Weather conditions, such as rain or extreme temperatures, can affect player performance and the overall dynamics of a match. Teams may adapt their playing style based on the weather, so it's essential to factor these conditions into your predictions for a more comprehensive analysis.

Studying historical head-to-head matchups provides valuable insights into team dynamics and performance against specific opponents. Consider factors such as recent meetings, venue, and any notable patterns to make more informed predictions about how teams are likely to fare in upcoming matches.

Yes, team injuries play a crucial role in predicting soccer outcomes. The absence of key players can weaken a team, affecting its overall performance. Stay updated on injury reports, especially for star players, as their presence or absence can sway the balance in favor of one team over another.

Home-field advantage is a significant factor in soccer predictions. Teams tend to perform better when playing on their home turf due to familiar surroundings and support from their fans. Consider the home and away records of teams when making predictions, as this can impact the likelihood of success in a given match. is not a bookmaker, betting and does not collect bets. Our predictions, our techniques, guides, help and recommendations as we try to make them as accurate as possible are subject to errors.

It is, some of the time. However, on line betting is illegal in some countries. Make sure to find out what are the laws in your country and pick the bookmaker very carefully.

No, we do not. Our tips are based on the team's current condition, player's injuries and mutual statistics.

This has the widest possible selection; here we cover the most common selections

  • 1X2 and Over/Under - here the prediction covers both the outcome of the match and number of goals e.g. 1 and over 1.5:- the home team will win and two or more goals will be scored in the match.
  • DC and Over/Under - here the prediction covers both the outcome of the match (1X, X2, 12) and number of goals e.g. 1X and over 1.5:- the home team will win or draw and two or more goals will be scored in the match.
  • BTTS (GG/NG) and Over/Under – here the prediction covers whether both teams will score and number of goals e.g. GG and Over 2.5:- Both teams will score and at least 3 goals will be scored in the match.