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LoL predictions is much easier to get into because, within the game, each player and champion has a pre-defined role. Even though League’s 149 champions dwarf DOTA’s 117 heroes in terms of quantity, it’s much easier to understand the purpose of each hero.

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Furthermore, LoL has a somewhat steep learning curve, but you can make the experience much easier by starting with moneylines and the simplest totals. Once you become more adept and your winning rate exceeds 40% over a certain period of time, you can devote your time to special bets.

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What Are the Most Important Tournaments for LoL Predictions?

There are many top-tier tournaments, but you should only look for LoL predictions pertaining to the following renowned events:

League of Legends World Championship

The best of the best meet each year to square off for the Summoner’s Cup, a gargantuan 32-kilo trophy. In 2018, 100 million people tuned in, which is a testament to the magnitude of the sport as a whole. T1 is the most successful team, with three titles to their name.

Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)

As regional leagues come to an end, the winner of each competition earns a spot at the MSI. While less glamorous than the World Championship, this particular tournament is known for its large amount of upsets and unexpected results. When it comes to DOTA predictions, the MSI is a gold mine.

League of Legends European Championship

Comprised of several events, the European Championship is the foremost competition of the Old Continent. The playstyle is different when compared to Asian-dominated leagues and tournaments and LoL tips for these matches are always abundant at ProTipster.