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DOTA 2 requires fast-paced communication and planning before a match even starts. When you add things like stacking, item picking, and stat builds, DOTA gets much more complex with every moment.

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We have prepared an all-encompassing guide to learn the rules of the game, finding the best DOTA tips, and strengthening your bankroll in the process. Good luck!

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What Are the Most Important Tournaments for DOTA predictions?

If you visit ProTipster, you will notice that most DOTA tipsters focus on covering the biggest tournaments. Why? Well, the bigger the competition, the better the coverage. Since the foremost DOTA events involve clashes between the top teams, there are ample amounts of stats about each player. This increased coverage means that you can base your bets on actual, tangible data.

While the game is featured in a multitude of tournaments on a yearly basis, few events can match the magnitude of the following three:

The International DOTA 2 Championship

In terms of DOTA predictions tips, there is no competition with better coverage than the famed International. Originally started in 2011 with a ‘measly prize pool of $1.6 million, this tournament evolved into DOTA’s very own world cup. The 2019 iteration saw a whopping $34 million go to the players, along with lucrative endorsement deals and other prizes.

DOTA 2 Major Championships

Unlike the International, the Majors come in the form of a series of events. Every season, 4-6 events are organized in various cities around the world, with the best teams getting an automatic place in each event. There are also satellite tournaments for the Majors, while the best-placed squads at the events get a chance to play at the International.

ESL Pro League & ESL One

Whenever you see the name ESL next to an event, you know it’s a hotspot for DOTA predictions. Think of Pro League and One events as the eSports version of the Barclay’s Premier League. While the level of competition is slightly lower when compared to the other top tourney, ESL events are much more dynamic and known for crazy upsets. That’s where you’ll find the best odds.